Al Shahadah General Trader Pvt Ltd

Al Shahadah Group works on five basic projects.

1. Al Shahadah Real Estate:

We deal in all kinds of the property i.e., Commercial, Residential and Agricultural lands in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab with full of satisfaction and responsibility. 

We have strong links and investors in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Punjab region. So, we can deal our customers in Buying and selling their properties.

2. Shahadah Paints:

In the paint History of Pakistan. Al Shahadah Group introducing a new Brand named “Shahadah Paints” formed on 20 September 2021.  We have our own manufacturing units, a research center with highly qualified and well-experienced staff. Al Shahadah Paints will provide its quality products in the market with a unique standard and costumers satisfaction.

The main objective of the company is to introduce modern paint technology in Pakistan. Shahadah Paints has a strong team of marketing and production panel, Shahadah Paints will be upcoming the symbol of full satisfaction.

3. Al Shahadah Tuff Tiles:

        In interior decorations of Homes, Parks, hospitals, schools, Market, etc. Al Shahadah Group has modern and decorative source production with a unique and modern design of customer choice.

        Designs of the modern look include Diamond, 3D, H-interlock acharya interlock (Big & small) Star interlock, Rocket interlock, Sidewall interlock, Net Panka interlock, I-interlock, Burfy interlock, and much more.

4. Al Shahadah Solar Coating:

    Deal in all kinds of construction at the furnished level to protect the roofs and walls of a house, shop, jar, or any building from the heat of the sun. 

5. Al Shahadah Electronics:

      Al Shahadah Group has established itself as one of the best electronics accessories in Pakistan. We provide Stabilizers and buttery charger services.